A simple and beautiful healing art.

A mystical practice by which a fully initiated Master may attune another to be a clearer channel for the healing ability we all innately possess. 

Originally from Tibet, it was reborn and reformed by a Japanese monk, reiki is a meditative, spiritual path by which one lets go of ego and allows the life force that imbues all sentient beings with life to flow freely thus promoting a natural movement back to natural balance in both the practitioner and the recipient.

There are no rules, no dogma, no leaders this is a way by which with direct experience we realize that we are not separate but pure beings inseparable from the perfect whole, the dimension beyond mind and perception, the enlightened mind.

It's is a way to truth, to peace, a shedding of the barriers to knowing unconditional love and compassion.

Here in your retreat, you may choose either to benefit from the deepest relaxation and healing received by accepting a treatment and/or to become a channel for healing others and continuing to self heal your own life.