This formal practice is the basis of all our offerings. By bringing awareness to each moment we become free from past and future concerns. This is the gateway to the present, the only dimension

where real life may be truly known. You'll see this practice is so more basic than what most people imagine it to be.

By making this a part of life, you become gradually detached from the dramas of your world and thus better positioned to see the most peaceful path to follow in each and every moment.

There are literally thousands of different kinds of meditation.

Personally I base my practice on four distinct kinds, each to cultivate different aspects of consciousness.

Metta - a Buddhist meditation that evokes compassion. This is pure joy and heals the heart, it brings loving kindness into into the fore front of our minds and is a way to create healing relationships with all sentient beings.

Zen, of the purest and simplest forms helps us be more simple and pure. With practice our senses open to the beauty of all forms and the peace available to us with every breath.

Dance and yoga, these and other forms of active meditations bring us in touch with the blessing of being born into a human body, through our form we can understand the formless.

Pranayama, breathing techniques these are powerful tools that when done with mindfulness can reliably provide us with glimpses of profound states of consciousness and excellent physical and mental health.

Meditation is not difficult to learn, the challenge is to maintain a consistency, to that goal we provide experience , support and community for the seeds of wisdom to take root and grow into bear divine fruits.