What is EFT?

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EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques.

It’s a simple, painless and highly effective method that brings impressive results for an almost all-encompassing range of both physical and mental dis-ease.

The underlying principle of EFT is that the root of all disharmony in our lives is caused by emotional issues that have not been healed. These traumas, negative thoughts and such cause imbalances/blockages in the flow of vital energy in our bodies, resulting in physical and mental discomfort. When these issues persist over time they can manifest as diseases.

Research shows stress be a major cause of approximately 85% of developed societies.

EFT combines the wisdom of TCM’s (Traditional Chinese Medicine) concept or energy meridians and acupuncture points with modern psychology by using key words and phrases to “aim” at the emotional source of illness while releasing the blocks as one simultaneously tapping gently a specific set of points.

Often results are noticed immediately and many problems can be completely resolved in one session. Of course, such illness as PTSD and chronic illness requires multiple sessions the time, pain and cost is generally insignificant compared often more mainstream therapies that can be ineffective in treating a whole array of illnesses that EFT has been documented to relieve.

We are so confident that if no improvement at all is noticed after your first session the treatment fee is zero.

Why I offer EFT?

In more than 3 decades on a path of healing and a search for truth I can honestly say I have ever witnessed any technique even remotely as simple, fast and universally effective as EFT.

When I was suffering with clinical depression and suicidal thoughts after a marriage break up, loss of income and assets one session turned me from a apathetic, sad and broken single father living off a pension, living with his mother to starting a career as professional healer that has now spanned 18 years and 3 continents.

When I first started doing sessions with clients, I was astounded by that what the regular medical community consider miracles occurred almost all a of the time, now after thousands of private and many group sessions I’m more surprised when these so called “miracles” do not occur!

It’s really a joy for me to be able to help share this with people.

For me the greatest strength of EFT is it’s so simple that all of can learn to use and give us independence from the need to rely on others for healing ourselves and our families. It gives us confidence to dance into life with less fear knowing that if we fall often just a little tapping and we are ready to get back up a join the fun!